Behringer 5-Person Relay FAQs

Can walkers participate in the marathon relay?

Teams can either run or walk the course (or a combination of both) as long as they are able to complete the 26.2-mile course within the 6.5-hour limit. Each runner or walker will cover between 4 and 6.5 miles, depending on their relay leg.

Do relay team members receive t-shirts and medals?

All members of each registered team receive an event t-shirt and will receive marathon relay finisher medals.

This year we will again be handing out relay finisher medals at the exchange points. This will be an upgrade for the teams as the final person won’t have to meet up with the other members after the race to provide each member their medallion.

Can I run multiple legs or events?

For those who want to run a relay leg in addition to running the FULL marathon course: this is allowed. You need to wear both numbers, with the relay number clearly visible as you approach the relay exchange zone. Pass through the exchange zone to allow the relay tag to be torn off, and then continue running through the zone and back onto the marathon course. If running the Half Marathon in addition to the Relay Race you will need to run the first leg of the relay race.


If you choose to run two legs of a relay, this is allowed; however, your relay team must have five members to be eligible for awards. You must wear both numbers and run through your initial exchange zone, have your tag torn, then continue running on the course to the next exchange zone.


If you are prepared to run your leg, but your runner hasn’t shown up at the exchange zone, it’s best to wait instead of continuing on, which could disqualify your team. Circumstances may have prevented your runner from starting as predicted. After an adequate waiting period you may decide it’s not worth the wait and continue on.

Do all runners have to be at the start line?


No, only the runner that is running the first leg has to go to the start line. The other team members can go directly to their respective marathon relay exchange zones. If your relay team members wish to take buses from the relay bus staging area to and from their leg start/finish areas, please check out our relay bus schedule, which will be published in the weeks prior the race day.


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