Detour Directions

South Dallas/Fair Park

Use I-30 and US-75 to cross over the course, particularly when trying to travel north of the Columbia, Canton and Main Street closures.

West Dallas

There will not be any closures in West Dallas. All traffic can use major freeways to cross over the course.


Downtown travel will be closed along Young Street, from Houston Street to I-45. Traffic trying to cross from either the north or south side of Young Street can use any of the major freeways, including Woodall Rodgers, I-35, I-30 and I-45 to cross over the course. The full loop of freeways around downtown will be open.


With the course running north through Uptown into Highland Park, Uptown will be separated into eastern and western halves via Continental Ave, Houston St, Olive St, Cedar Springs Rd and Turtle Creek Blvd. If you are on the west side of the route trying to get to the east, take Preston / Oak Lawn or The Tollway south to I-35 South, cross east on Woodall Rodgers, OR travel around the north side of the course via Mockingbird Ln. I-75 to either Woodall Rodgers or Mockingbird Ln can be used to bypass the course if you are on the east side trying to travel west.

Northeast Dallas

Anyone traveling southbound from the northeast sections of Dallas, around Northwest Highway and further north (east of US-75), can take Northwest Highway or Mockingbird to US-75. US-75 can then be used to bypass the McCommas Boulevard section of the course and I-45 can be used to travel south over the eastern downtown section of the course.

M Streets

The course travels on McCommas Boulevard and Longview Street dividing the M Streets area into north and south sections. When south of the course, use the Knox-Henderson onramp / offramp and US-75 to get in and out of the area. Use the Mockingbird onramp / offramp to travel in and out of the area north of the course.

Lower Greenville

The course travels along Greenville from Longview down to Richmond Avenue, creating east and west sections of the neighborhood. If on the west side of Greenville Ave., proceed west to US-75 and use Mockingbird or I-30 to travel around the north and south sides of the course. If on the east side, proceed north to Mockingbird and US-75 to travel around the Greenville and M Street closures.

White Rock Lake (west shore)

The neighborhoods west of White Rock Lake, between Greenville Ave. and W. Lawther, are best accessed via Mockingbird Lane. Use Skillman Street, Abrams Road, and other main arteries to travel in and out of the area, away from Lakewood neighborhood closures. Mockingbird Lane can be taken to US-75 to cross over the course. The course can also be circumvented to the east via Mockingbird Lane, Buckner Boulevard and Garland Road.

East Dallas/Lakewood

The neighborhoods east of the Woodall Rodgers and US-75 intersection are subdivided into two eastern and western sections as the course travels from Richmond south on Skillman St, Swiss Ave, Fitzhugh Blvd, Gaston Ave, Haskell Ave, Elm St and into Deep Ellum. If you are on the west side of the route, travel to I-75 to travel north to Mockingbird or south to Woodall Rodgers to bypass the closures. If you are on the east side of the route, travel south to I-30 and travel west towards I-75 and Woodall Rodgers to drive around the course.

Deep Ellum

Main Street is used for the race course. If you are on the north side of Main St. trying to travel south, use I-75. If you are on the south side of Main St., use I-30 to I-75 and / or Woodall Rodgers as a bypass.

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